When did you fuck your first ebony?

When did you fuck your first ebony?

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  1. 4 years ago. Then I I put a rock on her finger and now she’s mine forever. Everything I fantasized about ebony women is so true, taste, smell, and the booty my gawd the booty!

  2. 2022 August. I was 56. Never had much opportunity to date any black girls growing up in a very racist county and even as a grown up living in Jefferson City Missouri there wasn’t a whole lot of places that black and white people mingled. But in 2022 I decided to find an escort and that opened up a whole new world! Ive had the pleasure of fucking 15 different ebony goddess’s so far and am seeing a new one regularly now. I love them! So sexy in every way!

  3. When I lost my virginity at 19 she was black & puerto rican mixed. It was the greatest blowjob I’ve ever had until my last GF who was Jamaican.

    WHITE MEN BE FOR-WARNED… Hispanic women get all the “they’re crazy and fuck good stories” AND THEY ARE! However as a man close to his 40s that’s been inside all the brown women. No matter what they look like I don’t care if it’s big, skinny, small, hot, not so hot, etc. WEST INDIAN WOMEN WILL RIDE YOUR DICK UNTIL THE BED BREAKS!! And suck you off like it’s their fucking job. But they will literally burn your house down with you in it if they’re mad at you 🤣 so that’s the trade off unfortunately.

  4. In the VIP of the strip club 3 blocks from my house! 😂 I had been going there for a little over a year, seeing the same girl each time. One day she was doing her usual routine with me in the VIP, and out of nowhere she gets up, sticks her ass in my face and pulls her panties to the side. Since then I would get her for a half hour once a week and eat her pussy every time. One day she straddles me and starts grinding. She says “wow you’re hard af” and I say something like “I bet you wish I was inside you.” She proceeds to unzip my pants, take her panties off, turn around (so she can watch the door) and rides my dick like there’s no tomorrow. I had to stop her after 20 minutes cause I was about too bust inside her, she says that’s what she wanted and I shouldn’t worry cause she’s on the pill. Best pussy I ever had, not filling her up is one of my biggest regrets. The club closed since then and she lives out of town, but we’re still in touch. 😋

  5. Three years ago. It was my first time with my girlfriend. Now I’m addicted to her tight black pussy. I just can’t get enough of eating it, fucking it, and creampieing it.

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